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The Only All-In-One Marketing Measurement & Optimization Platform

Optimize decision-making using holistic customer data,
advanced machine learning, and well executed testing and measurement.

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“Clario is making us self aware so that we can make the right choices and guide our staff, partners, and vendors. For me to get all the value that Clario provides, I’d have to add 5 people to my staff.”

Jacquie Bailey

Manager, Marketing Analytics, Christopher & Banks
“Thanks to the efforts with Clario, we were able to save about 25% on the cost of our mail efforts with only a 3% impact on sales, which was a huge ROI win for us.”

Matt Kjesbo

Modeling & Analytics Manager, Northern Tool & Equipment
“Clario has given me fabulous credibility within the company because I can always refer to hard data as a reason for something favorable, something unfavorable, a decision made. I can always quantify my actions or reasons for things. With Clario’s help, for next year’s budget I was able to show who our customer is and how to best reach them. My plan was approved without any questions or revisions. First time ever!”

Mark Redetzke

VP Marketing, Sportsman's Guide
“With Clario’s help, we’ve been able to drive down the catalog marketing costs without hurting our top line. They’ve helped us clean up our contact list and advise on the frequency of mailings. Thanks to their suggestions, we’ve dramatically improved our overall P&L.”

Bob Goldsmith

SVP Marketing, Oriental Trading Company
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Our all-in-one solution delivers:

Increased revenue

Acquire, retain, and reactivate more customers resulting in 10-25% ROAS improvement via demand gains.

Decreased costs

Identify and remove ineffective marketing spend creating a 10-25% ROAS improvement.

Improved productivity

Refocus scarce talent on asking strategic questions rather than struggling to get answers generating a 5x improvement in resource productivity.

Managed and reduced risk

Identify an average of 24 opportunities and/or threats annually.

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