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The Clario Story

A leading provider of marketing measurement and optimization software designed to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of retail marketing.

Working With Our Team


The Changing Retail Reality

Technology is changing how consumers shop. Mobile use is skyrocketing and mall traffic is plummeting. Consumer attention is focused more and more on powerful advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook, raising the cost for marketers of reaching new and existing customers. Thus, traditional retailers are struggling to understand and meet evolving customer behaviors and expectations while simultaneously fighting to maintain margins.

The Retailer’s Challenge

The pressure to perform immediately is causing retailers to react with one-off tactics today, rather than holistic approaches for the future. Strategies and tactics are defined at the marketing channel level based on disjointed measurement frameworks, frequently provided by biased partners or employees with “skin in the game”. There’s no integrated view of the business (i.e. customer, merchandise, and marketing). Confusion and frustration lead to suboptimal decisions based on intuition or bad data. The result is a fragmented experience for the customer and inefficient marketing investments for the retailer.

The Solution

Rely on an impartial, evidence-based perspective. You need a holistic and unbiased view of your business that you can confidently leverage for optimal marketing decisions. This enables you to optimize your budgets and maximize Return on Marketing Investments (ROMI).

Working With Our Team

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About Us

Clario has been solving complex analytic problems for some of the biggest names in retail for over 15 years. We came out of the retail space ourselves. We understand data, we leverage best-of-breed machine-learning techniques, and we know how to work as strategic partners with our clients.

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Our Mission

We’re passionate about making data useable and useful. We’re committed to empowering small and medium size companies with the evidence they need to optimize their marketing efforts. Our goal with every client is for them to focus their energy on strategic initiatives to grow the business and we augment their efforts with holistic and unbiased data and analytics.

Why Clario?

Trusted Partner

Unbiased Partner

Unlike vendors with a vested interest in their recommendations, we’re not partial to any solution except the one that works best for you. Our only goal is to work with you to produce evidence-based marketing you can trust.



Our platform uses high-speed data processing and best-of-breed machine learning to get data-driven answers that you can confidently leverage to understand who, what, when, and where your customers buy.



Our platform delivers customer-centric, evidence-based answers and improves how you invest your marketing dollars to drive the greatest results—resulting in ROAS gains of 10%-25% beyond traditional methods.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

With easy-to-understand dashboards and implementation, our team of data scientists makes it easy to confidently optimize budgets and maximize marketing outcomes. Clario is flexible and can be customized to your unique needs.

Meet Our Team

Board of Directors

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Randy Erdahl


Tony Cuneo


Leadership Team

Matt Redlon


Deb Campbell

VP, Data Science

Erik Tropple

VP, Revenue

Chris Alme

VP, Software Engineering

Bruce Linn

VP, Data Engineering

Nate Goldenman

Director, Customer Success

Morgan McAlpin

Manager, Marketing

Holly Oliver


Why Choose Us?

Our proven solution offers an impartial view into your business that allows you to optimize your strategic and tactical marketing decisions. Our easy-to-use SaaS platform relies on high-speed processing and sophisticated artificial intelligence to measure your marketing performance. Our experienced data scientists work with you to pinpoint data-driven answers that you can trust and act upon with confidence. From the start of platform implementation to cost-effective marketing decisions, takes about 90 days.

Our platform helps you take action by providing answers into what, when, where, why and how your customers buy. Clario improves how you invest your marketing dollars — resulting in demand gains of 10-25% beyond traditional methods.