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Pioneering Evidence-Based Marketing Software for Retail and Commerce

Transform your brand by utilizing marketing measurement & optimization to make
decisions based on data, not intuition. 

The Six Key Components of Evidence-Based Marketing Success

Each seamlessly working together to provide you the answers you need.

Customer Data

The foundation of customer-centric marketing is rich, customer journey data. Unlike other solutions, Clario creates and retains a full snapshot of each customer before and after every interaction with your brand, for three years of history and going forward on a regular, recurring basis. Characteristics may include customer preferences, interests, device descriptors, observed behaviors, geography, and demographics.

  • Centralized customer profiles
  • Holistically integrated from all sources
  • Obsessively cleansed and quality controlled
  • Customized characteristics for each client
  • Continuously refined throughout relationship

Marketing Attribution

Attribution reveals which marketing efforts advance the customer along your desired journey most efficiently and effectively. Neither multi-touch attribution (bottom up), nor media mix models (top down) alone properly credit each interaction, and no single model works for every marketer. Clario unifies both methodologies using custom machine learning models to overcome these weaknesses.  

  • Integrations with all major ad platforms
  • Custom, survival analysis machine learning models
  • Impact predicted for each customer and interaction
  • Supports attribution to non-purchase events
  • Continuously refined throughout relationship

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Understanding the value a customer will generate in various periods of time subsequent to a behavior (positive or negative) is an essential component of evidence-based marketing. Clario predicts CLV for any behavior (not just a predefined set), empowering you to invest in / incent high-value behaviors with clear insight into the payback you will receive over time.

  • Dynamically predict CLV for any customer behavior
  • Not reliant on predefined customer populations
  • Powered by a Bayesian machine learning engine
  • Customer-level demand, cost & profit calculation

Audience Activation

While many platforms support audience creation, Clario enables marketers to quickly identify high value or at risk customers based on interconnected customer characteristics, observed behaviors, product / service characteristics, financial / promotional characteristics, attributed marketing interactions, and/or CLV predictions. Further, Clario empowers marketers to create and act on one-click machine learning models which predict who is most likely to fall into these risk or opportunity segments in the future.

  • Complete flexibility when defining audiences
  • One-click predictive models and audience scoring
  • Enables dynamic advertising and content personalization
  • Engage audiences via major 3rd party platforms

Testing & Measurement

Clario enables marketers to dynamically define or upload audiences and then compare the two population’s performance across dozens of dimensions. Whether a landing page, email subject line, Facebook Ad, display campaign, or creative/copy variant, Clario will even determine if the differences are statistically significant.

  • Thoroughly post analyze A/B tests in minutes
  • Supports vast array of champion / challenger variations
  • Define or import audiences from major ad platforms
  • Set goal of each test as any metric, event, or behavior

Customer-Centric Forecasting & Planning

Most organizations forecast performance and build plans using channel-centric metrics or simple, YoY factors. Building on its rich data foundation, Clario builds custom forecast models which predict organizational performance and empower marketers to create media, and even product, plans based on the point-in-time quantities and migration rates of customers through their journey with your brand.

  • Clean dashboard visualizes both past and future
  • Supports customized customer lifecycle segmentation
  • KPIs include migration rates, financials, and variances 
  • Highly accurate forecasts via deep learning algorithms

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